Poggio Concezione® Real Estate & Winery was founded in 2002 by members of a family from Piedmont with ancient vinegrowing and winemaking traditions. Organic farming began from the start and we acquired organic certification in 2003 (CODEX, MIPAAF Agency, IT 002). The estate is about 18 hectares (80% in the EU park ZPS "High Fiora River Course") divided into: Vineyard 5 ha., Olive Groves 1 ha., Woods 5 ha., arable land 1 ha., courtyard and buildings such as our Boutique Winery with its own bottling since 2010. Agriculture is carried out in full respect of nature and environment, wildlife, ethics and human rights. We love and protect the Earth and the landscape, using organic farming and renewable energy. In this way we maintain our vineyards, olive groves, trees, flowers, animals and bugs living on our farm to preserve both ecological balance and biodiversity. All refurbishing and renewal of the old buildings and the creation of new ones on our estate were done using mainly local stone, wood and green building techniques. Old vineyards and low productivity promote quality and good maturation; our wines are made exclusively with our hand harvested organic grapes. Our wines are produced without the use of any chemicals and a low level of sulphites. Long term refining guarantees top quality wines with purity and stability for our clients. Hence we obtain only 2000 cases or 12,000 bottles/year (average) of high quality wine, devoted to wine lovers and wine enthusiasts and all those who love food and wine taking care of their own health. Wines produced from Poggio Concezione® are a true expression of both terroir and old native vines, a rarity today. Our wines are easily drinkable and food-friendly, hence they can be paired with an amazing variety of dishes such as meat, fish, cheese, vegetables & vegetarian fare. Moreover they age very well.