Poggio Concezione® is a small Wine Estate with its own boutique winery in Tuscany.
Since 2003 Codex (MIPAAF Agency) certifies our organic farming.
Poggio Concezione® is situated between the small towns of Pitigliano and Manciano in the South of Tuscany, Italy.
This terroir is yet to be discovered as a superb wine region.
Right now a few of famous wine company are starting to make investments in wine farming and winemaking here, because of the earth richness and the favorable climate.
Despite its small size and the lack of reviews in Wine Guides, Poggio Concezione® wines can be found on the wine-list of Michelin starred, Relais & Chateaux and gourmet restaurants.
Poggio Concezione® wines are made with native vines from old vineyards growing on volcanic soil which is light and rich in potassium providing unmistakable mineralty and amazing aromas and flavours. Volcanic earth does not cover this whole area of Tuscany but only a few privileged slopes.
Our uncommon native vines are: Trebbiano (in 4 different biotypes), Ansonica, Malvasia, Verdello, Vermentino (for white wines); Sangiovese and Ciliegiolo (for red and rosé wines).
Our vineyards lie on volcanic slopes (about 980 ft. above sea level) surrounded by forests.
Our special and traditional blend owes the unique characteristics to the vine varieties of our vineyard, which we consider as biodiversity.
We do not produce separate kinds of wines by blending them to create trendy wine as winemakers tend to do. We simply divide our vineyards per cru; then we hand harvest our vines all together to obtain our unique and traditional vineyard-blend. Our commitment is to find the right average of ripeness of all our grapes. This method allows us to use wild yeasts and raw fermentation. Time, love and care are the only ingredients we use.
So we take our chances, but we believe this is the only way to offer superb, ethical, healthy wines. This is our way of respecting the Earth. We don’t care about making standard wines like industrial wines. However, if you love good food and good wine you will simply love them!

Core strengths of our products:

* Complete control of the supply chain (farming, harvesting, winemaking, refining, bottling).

* Winemaking only with our own organic, hand-harvested, ripe grapes.

* No use of chemical products in the vineyard and winemaking, except a low quantity of sulphites in wine (less than 50% of European Law for organic winemaking limits).

* Long refining time in order to provide wine purity, stability and a good shelf-life, despite using no chemical aids.

* Wide range of aromas; complexity and amazing long-lasting flavours.

* Easy drinking and wine pairing with a wide variety of foods such as meat, fish, cheese and every delicacy.

* Even if you drink it on its own, you will find our wines to be great.

* Exclusivity and distinctiveness of our small wine production because our Boutique Winery provides wine with an average of 2.000 cases (12.000 bottles) per year. So our wines as our grappas are devoted to wine lovers and wine enthusiasts and everyone who loves good food and good wine.

Our Grappa is exclusively distilled by selection by Nannoni, one of the oldest artisanal distillers in Tuscany. Nannoni uses only our fresh organic marcs in purity.

We can offer:

* Traditional (Black Label): clear Grappa from white marcs;

* Organic (Silver Label): clear, certified Grappa from red marcs;

* Riserva: (Gold Label): our traditional clear grappa aged 18 months in acacia barrels to preserve the scents of fresh marcs. This long refining time gives it a natural blond, light colour. It won the gold medal WSA in 2014 jointly with other most famous brands as Capovilla.

Poggio Concezione® does not make “novella” wine.

Poggio Concezione® does not make crop wine.

Poggio Concezione® does not offer free samples.

Poggio Concezione® wines are distributed in Italy by “Tre Archi Vino Team”; and in Paris by “Enolia sarl”.

Poggio Concezione® sells its products directly to other Countries.

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