Poggio Concezione® Winery has adopted a holistic and byodinamic approach to winemaking. All our wines are made from grapes we grow organically. So we emphasize a natural approach to winemaking.
Poggio Concezione® organic wines are made with raw fermentation, wild yeasts and a long refining time.
Hand harvested grapes are placed in small crates and collected directly in the winery; the crop is softly crushed; then the most goes into stainless steel tanks; within 15-24 hour raw fermentations starts naturally. After starting raw fermentation, we separate peeling from must but only for white wine. These are important, laborious, and expensive processes.
Our white wines are completely dry because after first fermentation (in which wild yeasts consume all must sugar) they have an additional one called Malolactic Fermentation (MLF). This process gives our wines elegance, roundness and an unmistakable style.
As we do not use any animal products our wines are available for Vegans too.
All our wines are made with care, love and time. They are alive and, once in your glass, they need to slowly unfold.
Please do not use a decanter and let the wine breathe.
Trust your senses and play with the wide range of wine pairing. Enjoy it. Cheers!


WINE PAIRING: Brillèro® can pair with a great variety of foods, mainly white meat and fish.
Still white wine gold in color, intense and complex aromas integrated with a sweet minerality with typical hints of roasted hazelnuts. The palate is full-bodied with a lovely line of acidity and an extremely long finish. A well-structured wine with excellent length and complexity.
REFINING: about 40 months in a stainless steel vat; almost 12 months in bottle.


Brillèro® vineyard was planted in 1960, with a density of 3,000 plants per hectare. It faces to South-West. Vines: Trebbiano Toscano 80% (in 3 distinct biotypes) ; Malvasia Bianca Toscana, Ansonica, Verdello are for the remaining 20%. The name Brillèro® comes from the local slang and means tipsy.


WINE PAIRING: Mostly with fish, white meat, blue soft cheeses, rice dishes. When chilled, it is perfect for a hot summer day. At room temperature, it is great just on its own.

TASTING NOTES: Still white wine, rich straw gold in colour; aromas are intense and complex. The nose is powerful volcanic stone along with a subtle grass fragrance and apricot aromas on final hint. Superb length.


Vines that produces Serment® were planted in 1975, with a density of 3,000 plants per hectare, in a table land exposed to winds and sun. Vines: Trebbiano Toscano (in 3 distinct biotypes) 80%; Malvasia Bianca Toscana, Vermentino are for the remaining 20%.
The name Serment® comes from corsican dialect and means vine-shoot or solemn vow.


SERVING TEMPERATURE: 18°, 20° C – 65°, 68° F
WINE PAIRING: it suits a wide number of dishes: red meat, lean meat, lamb, game, meat with sweet fat, cold cuts; codfish, octopus, sward-fish, tuna fillet; mild hard, matured hard and strong flavour soft cheeses.
TASTING NOTES: Soft, rich, good balanced, red fruit flavored, delicate tannins and final hints of fresh spices with a subtle note of acidity. Medium-bodied and dry, it is a fruit flavors lightly spicy refreshing alternative to the heavy, baked-fruit flavors associated with Sangiovese which does not grow in volcanic soil like our Fanciôt®.
COLOUR: fine red wine; brilliant ruby red colour;


Vine: Sangiovese Grosso 85%; Ciliegiolo 15%. The vineyard producing our Sangiovese is the youngest of POGGIO CONEZIONE estate: it was planted in February, 2004. This is the reason why we called our wine Fanciôt®: it means “young boy” in Piedmontese dialect. (The family members of POGGIO CONCEZIONE estate come from Piedmont). This wine will age gracefully for at least another decade, if you don’t drink it at all, but don’t forget how you store this wine will affect how long it lasts.