Poggio Concezione®

Poggio Concezione® Real Estate and Winery is located in an amazing place in the Southern part of Tuscany, rarely known in the world: “Colli Meridionali della Maremma”, which means Southern Maremma Hills. The access to our winery is a typical example of "via cava" or "cavone" (hollowed out routes). Frequently you can find these historical roads carved out of the tuff like the entrance to Sorano, or along the "via Francigena" route. Poggio Concezione® is situated between the small towns of Pitigliano and Manciano on the South of Maremma, not far from Mediterranean Coast and the city of Rome. The ancient Etruscans lived here thousands years ago, hence you can find numerous testimonies of their fascinating life. The Etruscans were already producing wine in these hills, thus illustrated by frescoes and utensils found around this area. The old town of Pitigliano is cosy and quaint. In the past Pitigliano was known as "the little Jerusalem" for the historical presence of a rich Jewish community that had its own Synagogue. You can also get a taste of the Maremma countryside with its enjoyable beauty. Our guests will be able to visit some of the fascinating places such as the famous Etruscan tombs, the medieval Orsini Castle and the ancient churches of Sovana. All this monuments and the archeological sites are within the neighborhood (in a range of about 20/50 km). Sporting activities, like golf or horse trekking, are available as well as gastronomic tours. At last, but not least, it is possible to experience the benefits of the renown hot spring resorts such as: Saturnia, Sorano, San Filippo, Bagno Vignoni, Cetona-Fonteverde. The wonderful cities of Florence or Siena can be reached in a couple of hours.

Golf Saturnia
Vecchio Mulino Saturnia
Terme di Sorano
Porto Ercole
Mare dell'Argentario
Marina di Cala Galera